Business Valuations

How Much Is Your Business Worth?

Whether you want to buy or sell a business or simply get additional financing, valuating a business is the first step help in real world transactions.

Business valuation is not an academic exercise; it’s a process to help you understand the proceeds you will receive from a transfer of your business – either from a sale to key employees or to an outside party. Our team analyzes business metrics, current trends in the financial markets, and developments in your industry. We understand your competitive advantages and can help you engage in a proven process for strengthening your business and increasing its value.

Reasons to get a business valuation:

  • Exit Plan
  • Selling your Business
  • Ownership Changes
  • Buying a Business
  • Financing
  • Divorce

We have extensive experience in assessing the values of a wide range of organizations, and we use our knowledge to gather all of the relevant information from both the current day operations of your business and your historical financial data. Iron Bull Tax Pros are professionals who will take the time to do an objective, in-depth analysis, making sure that we have a full understanding of your business and then documenting our findings in a way that makes our assessment and valuation opinion easy to understand.

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